History of the Forger and Document Tamperer

The history of forgeries and tampered documents goes all the way to ancient times when even the Aztecs and Romans had important documents, identifications, etc. The forger most commonly studies and becomes an expert at the drawing of lines, detail in letters and signatures. The forger most commonly studies the formation of the line, detail in the lines and or document and the quality of lines drawn. The document tamperer usually either creates an almost exact look alike of the document or faintly deletes or enters new text. Many tamperers fly under the radar because of the technology in the world today.

Document Tampering
Document tampering is an illegal action where somebody alters or interferes witha
document, with evidence and or toying or negotiating with a
A fake driver's license is especially a document tampered topic since you cannot acquire one through the internet unless it is fake. The only correct, legal way to get a license is through the DMV in the state you live in.
witness to influence his or her testimony. Document tampering,
being one of the hardest things to detect in recent years, is only increasing, where the people who do tamper with documents get harder to figure out because of the rising technological advancement that the world is going through. Many fake ideas, as seen to the right, are very believable. For example, if you didnt know this, there is a hologram of your picture and a seal that is on all drivers licenses. These holograms, being harder to copy and make accurately believable, are now becoming extremely precise. So precise that under a black light, they will come up and you will pass with a fake ID. Not only do these documents pass black light testing, the barcode, as seen to the right yet again, are able to be scanned by law enforcements and authorities. Since it is able to be scanned, the ID will "pass" the confirmation of if it is real or fake.

Document Tampering Cases

A specific case in which document tampering was involved with was April 15th, 2011 in Waterloo, Iowa. The charge went towards Kerry Burt, a former state representative. Scott Brown, an attorney, and Kerry Burt used a Cedar Falls address to register his kids at the Malcolm Price Lab School in Cedar Falls. He states that Burt did it to throw officials through a loop and hide the fact that he wasn't abiding by the school's policy that allowed attendance for residents of particular Cedar Falls neighborhoods. Kerry Burt's consequences ended up being 1 year of self probation and major fines relating to the tampering of documents of where he lived.


Forgery is the process of making, copying objects, statistics, or documents with the reason to trick officials. Copies, replicas, and reproductions are not exactly known as forgeries, but they have the possibility to become forgeries through willful opportunities given. Don't confuse forging money or currency as "forgeries" because the copying of money is widely known as counterfeiting. Goods could also be counterfeits if they are not manufactured by the labeled manufacturer given on the label of almost all goods bought in the world.

Forgery Cases

Many people believe that our president, Barack Hussein Obama, illegally got his way into our government by providing a forged birth certificate. The forged birth certificate matters because it shows where he was born and if he was not born in the USA, then he wouldn't have been able to become the president. If he forged his birth certificate, Obama would have had to create a new birth certificate but he would have had to change his Origin of Birth (where he was born.)

Forgery Timeline
Texas Area:Spring 2002

As you can see, a forger with expertise can easily trace a signature and then automatically come extremely close to copying the genuine signature.

An extremely famous document, The Declaration of Independence, is so commonly forged and tampered with by criminals. These criminals attempt to perfect everything about the writing and even the paper it's written on. They try to perfect every bit of it so they could possibly sell this piece and make hundreds of thousands to millions.

Fakes and Forgeries:The True Crime by Brian Innes (October 6th,2005)