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Getting Started

  • This is the place your project will appear so that you can share your expertise with the other members of the class and provide them with useful information that will help them in solving the crimes during the final. The due date for the draft of your Wiki is 5/15/11. Your final corrections in response to the peer review comments are due 5/30/11. You also need to submit a copy of your text through Turnitin by that date.
    Students are expected to peer review at least 3 of the other topics by making constructive comments with attribution on the discussion page associated with each topic by 5/2211. Do not write inappropriate material on the discussion pages! Authors are expected to modify their pages in response to the commentary by 5/30/11 to improve their grades. The topics you have been assigned to review will be listed below, but additional quality reviews and commentary will get you extra credit points. When you are reviewing you should be considering whether the wikipage has sufficient information for you to be able to use the technique in "court" during the final. ;)